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Intelligent Entertainment (IE) is a Los Angeles-based production company that specializes in creating entertaining content, while "educating" the audience in some way. This is no easy task, but we get it done and have fun. While IE primarily works in video production, we also provide PR and Marketing services. 


IE established a niche creating marketing videos for big-budget films and has worked with numerous studios, including Sony, Fox, MGM and Disney.


IE also works in TV (National Geographic Channel) as well as with educational institutions (UCLA, USC, etc) and government organizations (City of Los Angeles). 


Brendon Sher



Brendon has worked with media companies such as CNN, Disney, Sony, and Fox to promote big-budget feature films. Whether it's interviewing notable talent to get a good "sound bite" or overseeing the editing for a marketing piece, he's versatile and adds value to every stage of production.


In addition to interviewing A-list actors such as Jamie Foxx, Matt Damon, Emma Stone, and Kevin Costner, he has interviewed best-selling authors, NASA experts, and robotics engineers. Brendon leads all projects for IE, from the private to public sector, from movie studios to corporate clients around the globe.



Dr. Jeff Dean Co-Directed the upcoming true crime docuseries ‘Vanished: The Heather Elvis Case’ which will be released in December 2024. This award-winning filmmaker started his creative ventures after shaking up his career in 2011. He transitioned from working behind the microscope, earning his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California (USC), to working behind the camera, shooting and editing music videos, short films, documentaries, and commercials.  


Jeff has experience producing, directing, and shooting projects for major clients, including Verizon, Nickelodeon, Beach Body, Goodwill, and UCLA, as well as many talented artists across North America.

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Lendi Slover has over 15 years of experience as an executive producer in development and production. She has produced feature documentaries, which can be found on Hulu and Netflix, as well as numerous docu-series and commercials. She excels at creative ideation, pitching, budgeting, all production logistics, and overseeing the post-production team. Her specialty is creating documentary content for some of the largest global brands.


Her recent clients include Budweiser, Columbia, Benefit Cosmetics, AMEX, New Balance, Marriott Hotels, and Oakley. Her passion combines her love of film and Mother Earth to make environmentally impactful videos. When she's not producing, she can be found organizing beach cleanups and finding ways to combat plastic pollution. View Lendi's work



Zenon, aka Zen, is a Burmese-Australian Director and Editor.


He has a strong passion for independent cinema, and his films have played at festivals internationally – including Festival de Cannes. He has produced corporate videos for Western Power and Main Roads, two of Western Australia’s key government sectors.


Zenon is also a keen photographer, musician, and artist. Since moving to Los Angeles, Zenon has produced a myriad of short films and is currently in production on his first feature. 

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Liv Matalon photo.heic



Olivia is a professional video editor with a passion for storytelling and content creation. She has years of experience working with the Adobe Suite, adopting skills such as green screen editing, masking, and color correction. 


Additionally, Olivia is an artist, content writer, illustrator, photo editor, and researcher with a drive to learn and continue to hone skills in the creative field.



With a diverse skill set, Maddie excels in project management, delivering high-quality work and streamlining operational success.


Known for her collaborative nature, she thrives in team-based and individual settings, excelling under tight deadlines. Dedicated to facilitating client project execution, Maddie is committed to ensuring success and delivering outstanding results.

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